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Earn your Masters at Michigan Tech through OSM/VISTA service

by ACCT Support Office
April 13, 2012

The OSM/VISTA- Michigan Technological University Masters Programwill simultaneously advance the five core goals of the OSM/VISTA Teams and the University: to provide an opportunity for students to combine academic course work with practical field experience and to enhance ongoing volunteer activities at the University. The program will also contribute to more effective OSM/VISTA volunteer service in the appropriate academic disciplines and OSM/VISTA programs.


The Program

Participants are required to meet the admissions requirements for one of the participating Masters of Science programs and be accepted into a participating MS degree programs.

The OSM/VISTA- Michigan Technological University Masters Program operates as follows:

1. OSM/VISTA Participants will complete one year of service with the OSM/VISTA Teams.

2. Upon the completion of the participant’s first year and upon acceptance to a MS degree program at Michigan Tech, the participant will then attend Michigan Tech for one academic year. In some cases, based on the prior academic background of the student, additional time on campus may be required.

3. Following the participant’s year of study at Michigan Tech, the participant will then complete a second year of service with the OSM/VISTA Teams at a site that addresses the participant’s academic area of study (upon availability).

4. After the participant’s second year of service with the OSM/VISTA Teams, the participant will return to Michigan Tech for one semester to complete his/her MS degree.


Education awards earned from the two years of service will closely match tuition. Participants will also be eligible for scholarships and financial assistance. Michigan Tech will pay for the participant’s tuition while the participant serves on the OSM/VISTA Teams.


Areas of Study

Participants will apply to one of the MS degree programs in the following disciplines:

  • Master of Science in Forestry
  • Master of Science in Applied Ecology
  • Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management
  • Master of Science in Biological Sciences
  • Master of Science in Industrial Archaeology
  • Master of Science in Environmental Policy


For more information, see the Michigan Tech website: